What’s your dogs' Love Language?

What’s your dogs' Love Language?

Spending this Valentine’s Day with your best friend? Find your dog’s love language and give them some extra attention on February 14th this year!

Words of affirmation

Does your dog love getting praise or doing training sessions? Words of affirmation may be their favorite language of love!

Physical Touch

Physical Touch is definitely a popular love language for dogs, we all know a super snuggly best friend who can’t get enough of their human. Belly rubs and a couch snuggle would be the best way to spend Valentine’s Day with this dog!


Does your dog wag their tail and get extra excited when you come home with a bag from the pet store or when their Wet Noses box shows up? Gift your dog with a trip to the store or some extra treats this February 14th. Shop our most popular crunchy treats to gift your pup here!

Acts of Service

Some dogs love getting pampered. Give your best friend a bath or wash their bed or their favorite blanket to show the love language Acts of Service.

Quality Time

One of the most popular love languages for dogs must be quality time. You can’t beat a good walk, ride in the car, or dog park trip. Set aside some extra hours for quality time for your best friend during this month of love.

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