Our dog treats are made from time-tested recipes using 100% real ingredients. No fillers or GMOs, our dog treats are made without wheat, corn, soy, dairy, antibiotics, hormones or artificial anything. We’re not saying you should eat your dog’s treats. We’re just saying you could.

Big Bones

Our original crunchy treats now come in Big Bones for bigger and better than ever treats. Organic, gmo-free and made in the USA, your pup will love them!

Dog Jerky

100% all natural and human grade, our single ingredient jerky for dogs is made from one delicious protein and nothing else. Not your typical ‘chopped and formed’ jerky, it’s got the taste and texture your dog is craving!

CBD Treats

These are the highest quality organic CBD dog treats on the market! They are baked with CO2 extracted, full spectrum hemp-based CBD oil from US-grown hemp. They are non-GMO, grain-free and THC free.