Wag Soup Chicken & Rice 16oz

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Weight 1.50 LBS

Ingredients: Chicken, Brown Rice, Carrots, Celery, Water, Parsley, Rosemary

Calories (Calculated)
ME= 553/kg;
ME= 135/cup

Guaranteed Analysis:
Protein 4.3% min;
Fat 1.9% min;
Fiber 3%max;
Moisture 82%max

Feeding Guidelines: As a treat or top

2oz per day: 2-6lbs
4oz per day: 6-11lbs
8oz per day: 12-32lbs
10oz per day: 44-60lbs
16oz per day: 75- 100+lbs

Feeding Guidelines: As an food

15 oz; 2 cups per day: 2-6lbs - Based on a 250 calorie diet
27 oz; 3.5 cups per day: 6-11lbs - Based on a 450 calorie diet
45 oz; 5.5 cups per day: 12-32lbs - Based on a 750 calorie diet
74 oz; 9.2 cups per day: 44-60lbs - Based on a 1250 calorie diet
125 oz; 15.5  cupsper day: 75- 100+lbs - Based on a 2100 calorie diet