GMOs – A Crash Course

October 28th, 2015 by


100% USDA Certified Organic. If you’re familiar with Wet Noses, you know that every treat we make is 100% USDA Certified Organic. To earn 100% certification from the USDA, our treats must contain 100% organically-produced ingredients – no chemicals, nothing artificial, and perhaps most importantly, no genetically modified ingredients.


GMOs are have been a hot-button issue over the past few years and the entire month of October is dedicated as Non-GMO Month by the Non-GMO Project! But what exactly is a GMO and why are they detrimental?


Let’s start off with a quick definition:

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are organisms that have had their genetic material artificially manipulated or engineered through scientific means. The engineering of crops leads to the creation of unstable combinations of plant, animal and microbial genes that don’t occur naturally.

Why are GMOs bad?

The use of GMOs has a number of direct & indirect results that are harmful to the environment, animals and people. Generically engineering is an extension of chemical agriculture and can lead to a number of unpredictable side effects, including new allergens, toxins and nutritional deficiencies.

The vast majority of GMOs are engineered to withstand herbicides, which has lead to a major increase in the use of toxic chemical herbicides like Roundup, since there’s no negative effect, and no negative reason to no over-use them. This has in-turn lead higher toxicity levels in soil and water, as well as the emergence of so-called “super bugs” and “super weeds” creating the need for even more toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides.

What can you do to avoid GMOs in your dog’s diet?

While labeling of genetically modified ingredients is not required by law in most countries, companies like Wet Noses are increasingly choosing to avoid genetically modified ingredients in pet food and treats. Organizations like The Non-GMO project provides independent third-party verification of the non-inclusion of GMOs, through rigorous investigation into the products and the companies that produce them. Learn more about The Non-GMO Project online at


Thinking about choosing a GMO-free diet for your dog? Wet Noses currently produces over twenty Non-GMO Verified treat options. Our Non-GMO Project Verified flavors include:

Wet Noses Peanut Butter & MolassesNGPVerifiedFlavors

Wet Noses Pumpkin

Wet Noses Sweet Potato

Wet Noses Grain-Free Peas & Carrots

Wet Noses Grain-Free Crunchy Kale

Wet Noses Apple & Carrots

Wet Noses Carob & Mint


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Cranberries & Flax Seed Now Non-GMO Project Verified!

September 24th, 2015 by

Non-GMO-NoWeb-MedWet Noses is proud to announce that our 100% Organic Cranberries & Flax Seed Treats are now verified by the Non-GMO Project!


Wet Noses’ Cranberries & Flax Seed treats have been officially verified by the Non-GMO Project, and will now proudly display The Project’s verification seal on packaging.


Throw another one on the pile! Wet Noses Cranberries & Flax Seed treats are now officially verified by The Non-GMO Project! Cranberries & Flax Seed joins an ever-expanding list of verified products, which now included over half of Wet Noses’ Original Treats! As with out other already-verified flavors, Agave & Pear achieved verified status with NO CHANGE to the current recipe!

Current verified flavors include:

  • Wet Noses Apple & Carrot
  • Wet Noses Agave & Pear
  • Wet Noses Carob & Mint
  • Wet Noses Cranberries & Flax Seed
  • Wet Noses GRAIN-Free Crunchy Kale
  • Wet Noses Peanut Butter & Molasses
  • Wet Noses GRAIN-Free Peas & Carrots
  • Wet Noses Pumpkin
  • Wet Noses Sweet Potato


All Wet Noses treats are produced with no genetically modified ingredients, and we’re extremely excited to showcase the Non-GMO Project Verification Mark on all our products.

The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only independent verification for products made according to rigorous best practices for GMO (genetically modified organisms) avoidance. NGP verified status is earned after an exhaustive examination of each ingredient, as well as each ingredient’s supplier and Wet Noses’ manufacturing facility.For more information please visit

Agave & Pear will proudly display The Non-GMO Project’s verification seal in Fall 2015!


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Cranberry & Flax Seed Treats 14oz Cranberry & Flax Seed Trial Size 1.5oz

Lolo’s Corner >> Minty Fresh!

August 28th, 2015 by

IMG_0883-(1)Hi Everyone, Lolo here again. Here at Wet Noses, we make a number of unique flavors for our treats. Hemp Seed & Banana, Cranberry & Flax Seed, and Crunchy Kale are a few that come to mind right away. Among these, there’s one ingredient that often returns quizzical looks from pet parents – Mint. Why mint? Well being an herb, pet parents don’t often think of mint as a viable treat option, and a fair number actually think that mint is bad for us! Rest assured, it’s not and Mint actually holds a number of positive health benefits and other reasons it has a starring role in our Carob & Mint treats.


Happy National Dog Day!

August 26th, 2015 by


Today is National Dog Day! We love seeing your four-legged family members enjoying our treats, and we love making our healthy, 100% USDA-Certified Organic treats for them as much as they love eating them! To celebrate, we’re offering 15% off the first 100 orders using the coupon code NATIONALDAY!



Sustainable Packaging – More Than Just Recycling

August 19th, 2015 by

If you were to hop in your car right now and head down to the nearest supermarket, walk down a random aisle and pick up any product, there’s a pretty solid chance that somewhere on there you’ll find a note about the packaging using post-consumer recycled materials. In fact, the use of recycled materials in packaging is so ubiquitous that NOT finding a label or other note regarding recycled materials is much more out of the ordinary. While using recycled materials an obvious positive for any consumer, when Wet Noses proudly states that we, and all our products, support sustainable packaging practices, we’re taking it a step further.