Wet Noses’ Day Out at the Ballpark


Earlier this month, Wet Noses had the opportunity give back to the Monroe community – and it was a blast! We had a chance to work with the Monroe YMCA & Monroe Rotary Club’s Miracle League – a no-cost baseball league for special needs youth in the local community. Thanks to a great volunteer turnout of team members, Wet Noses was able to play two baseball games with the young athletes, helping them hit, run the bases, and score runs each inning. Our staff members enjoyed playing with the young athletes so much that a few even stayed to play an additional game beyond the originally planned two games!

Monroe has been Wet Noses’ home for nearly 20 years, and we were overjoyed to have the chance to give back to the community through the Miracle League.The Miracle League is a fantastic program that is all-volunteer operated and a fantastic chance for special needs youth in the community to get on a field and enjoy organized sports – often the only chance they have to do so.

The Miracle League’s 2015 has come to a close this season, but we all can’t wait for another opportunity to sponsor and support them in 2016 & beyond!

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Join Us For Miracle League Baseball This Saturday!


MONROE, Washington – Wet Noses Organic Dog Treat Company is proud to announce that it will be partnering with the Monroe YMCA & Monroe Rotary Club to sponsor this weekend’s Miracle League! Organized by the Monroe YMCA, the Miracle League gives local youth with special needs the opportunity to suit up and enjoy a game of baseball each weekend. First pitch is this Saturday, June 6th at 9a.m. at Monroe Rotary Field in Monroe, WA. Games are open to the public.

“Monroe has been Wet Noses’ home since the beginning, and we love giving back to our community,” said Jazz Galligan, founder of Wet Noses. “The opportunity to partner with Monroe YMCA & the Miracle League is a fantastic chance for our staff to give back and support the special needs community in our backyard.”

The Miracle League was founded by the Monroe Rotary Club to offer local youth with special needs the chance to enjoy organized baseball in their own community. Many players have physical & cognitive special needs that would prevent them from playing in traditional baseball leagues and games. Thanks to the Miracle League, these children & young adults can experience the fun & camaraderie of baseball both on & off the field. Games are played at Monroe Rotary Field, which was designed & built to accommodate special needs players in ways that other fields cannot. Monroe Rotary Field is located at 276 Sky River Parkway, Monroe WA 98272.


CLICK HERE for more information about the Monroe YMCA Miracle League

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Bark for Life Monroe 2015


This past Sunday, May 17th, Wet Noses was honored to have participated in the Monroe, WA Bark For Life event. Help just down the road from Wet Noses HQ at Lake Tye Park, Bark for Life is a support event for The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program. Thanks to some great weather this weekend, about 75 participants & their canine companions got spend time in the park with other cancer survivors, cancer fighters and their families & friends.

Bark for Life events around the country raising around $750,000 annually, and provide those fighting cancer and have survived cancer a great chance honor their canine companions and to connect with others in their local communities while contributing to the fight against cancer. It’s been said that a dog is the only creature that loves you more than themselves, and this is often no truer than to anyone fighting cancer. Wet Noses is extremely proud to be able to support Bark for Life the American Cancer Society in our community.



Check out the video below or visit to learn more about Bark For Life.


Wet Noses on ABC’s “Repeat After Me”

Have you seen ABC’s hidden camera show Repeat After Me? In a recent episode, Jeff Garlin from the ABC show The Goldbergs was up to no good in a PetCo, but did you catch what else made an appearance?



Check out all of Jeff’s shenanigans in the the full episode below and look for new episodes on ABC.

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Backyard BBQ Safety Tips



April is here, and with it comes sunny days, warmer weather and of course, the backyard BBQ. As the weather is getting warmer and you’re itching to break out the grill, make sure to keep these 5 easy tips in mind to keep your pets safe!

Secure The Perimeter – Pets are social animals – gathering around the grill might be an open invitation for your dog to come investigate. Keep an eye out for any hot coals that might fall on the ground or any open flames. Remember that grills stay hot well after you’re finished cooking.

Minimize Foods With Bones   We all love a good chicken wing, ribs or T-bone steak. So do your pets – bones can splinter and cause internal issues, choking, and digestion issues. If you are cooking with bones, take extra care to keep them out of reach.

Try To Avoid People Food –  Visitors may want to reward your dog with some food off their plate, but barbecued and greasy foods can do a number on your dogs stomach. Be sure to keep an eye on food tables and children.

Remember the shade – Make sure that there’s ample shade or access to inside your house to prevent your pup from overheating. Watch out for signs of heatstroke (restlessness or agitation with vigorous panting or bright-red gums) and have plenty of water on hand.

Keep citronella candles & insect repellents well out of reach – Keeping the bugs away is great, but a trip to the vet might be in order if your dog gets a hold of repellants

Most of all, have fun and soak up the sun with your best friend!


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The Wet Noses Standard – Quality is Key


Wet Noses opened its doors in 1998 with a very simple idea at its foundation – if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your dog. Nearly 20 years later, quality and a commitment to providing the highest-quality treats have defined and established the Wet Noses Standard. Our standard of quality surpasses the better part of the pet food world with a USDA-Certified Organic line of products that contains

– No Corn
– No Wheat
– No Soy
– No Chemicals
– No Artificial Colors
– No Animal By-Products
– No Preservatives

Developing our standard was simple – we want to offer only the highest-quality all-organic treats that have been made with responsibly sourced human-grade ingredients. That means not even considering any artificial colors or flavors, chemicals or preservatives, and eliminating ingredients that are known to cause common problems like corn, wheat, or soy.

Wet Noses produces over a dozen varieties of treats that are made right here in the USA at our facility in Monroe, WA (outside Seattle), with some unique flavor options. Our Peanut Butter & Molasses treat is what Wet Noses was founded on (literally, it was our original formula), and we’ve expanded to include innovative ingredients like Agave, Hemp Seed, Carob and Flaxseed. We even produce three grain-free varieties so that virtually any dog can enjoy our treats!


Why do we hold ourselves to such a high standard? Wouldn’t it be easier to just pump out the same low-quality products that permeate the market and make a quick buck? Sure, but that would be a disservice to our customers – the dogs. They deserve better than the bare minimum, and we want pet parents to be confident in the treats the buy, without worrying about any fine print.

The bottom line goes back to our founding principle: if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to your dog.



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Global Pet Expo 2015

Global-LogoBelieve it or not, but the first big show of the year is in the books! Global Pet Expo 2015 was held earlier this month at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Global has become regarded as one of the biggest shows of the year worldwide, with every continent represented (aside from Antarctica…) and overflowing with hustle & bustle from Wednesday morning until the lights shut off Friday evening.

It’s hard to fathom, but nearly every product in the Wet Noses line was on display in our 20’x20’ booth, from the original Wet Noses Dog Treats to Big Bones, Little Stars, Dogg Cookies and Pocket Pony horse treats! Making their triumphant debut at Global was Wet Noses’ newest addition – Wet Noses Bars! These new bars are 100% USDA Certified Organic, just like our original treats, and are currently available in four flavors – Pumpkin Power, Apple Attack, Berry Blast, and Almond Action. Packaged individually, these bars are popular with the on-the-go and outdoorsy pet guardians looking for an easy treat that can be tossed in a backpack, purse, or pocket as you head out the door. Keep an eye out for more information on our Bars soon!


Our new Bars weren’t the only Wet Noses product to make their first showing at Global – we also broke in our two newest staff members, Kevin and Ryan. The two dove right in at their first show and proved to be indispensable throughout the week.

Although it’s hard to swap the sunny skies of Florida for the Northwest in March, the team is happy to be back home in Washington and looking forward to Global 2016!

Check out some photos below!


Welcome to Global Pet Expo 2015!


Jazz schmoozes it up with some clients.


Pocket Pony held down its corner of the booth.


Bones, bones, and more bones!


Everyone loved the 14oz and 1.5oz gable boxes (not to mention that embossed logo)!


Sara made more than a few friends in Orlando.


























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March 2014

Hello all!  Well the Wet Noses sales team is back in the office after a tour de force that included stops in Anaheim, California, Newark New Jersey, Orlando, Florida and Chicago Illinois. Ok, we were only in Newark and Chicago on layovers but we were there. You would think that we might have visited one of the nearby theme parks but I can tell you this selling organic dog treats is a full time gig!  But it wasn’t all work and no play as can be witnessed by the photos below.  Come see our continued travels next week.


Traci and Sara in full regalia at ExpoWest

Traci and Sara in
full regalia at ExpoWest











Jazz dominates one of  SoCal’s best burgers!

Jazz dominates one of
SoCal’s best burgers!













Here’s Harry, hanging five at Huntington beach! Who knew?

Here’s Harry, hanging five at Huntington beach! Who knew?











Tim, doing the heavy  lifting in Orlando. This  is what happens when  you’re the new guy.

Tim, doing the heavy
lifting in Orlando. This
is what happens when
you’re the new guy.









Our treats were so popular that this young man just ran off with  the entire display!  Jazz apprehended him after a spirited chase into the parking lot.

Our treats were so popular that this young man just ran off with
the entire display! Jazz apprehended him after a spirited chase into the parking lot.














Show’s over so let’s sell the displays. Yes!  Now this is re-use.

Show’s over so let’s sell the displays. Yes! Now this is re-use.













See you next week…..



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